京都西院・春日神社と高山寺(こうさんじ) Saiin Kasuga shrine and Kouzanji Temple



Well, today is the continuation near Saiin.

It is a Modoroki shrine. Modoroki Daijin is a benefit to the safety of travel.
In addition, important things such as health and lost are returned as gods, and many families wishing for the return of the expeditionary soldiers visited during World War II (1939 to 1945).



It is Nagi Ishi.
Nagi Ishi is in front of Modoroki shrine. Called “Nade Ishi”, I wish to travel safely, recover health by stroking the stone.



It’s a great office that looks like a different company.
In the precinct there were many gods of Sumiyoshi, Benzaiten, Inarisha, Kotohiragu, Tenmangu and so on. However, I do not know Kasuga Wakamiya sya. and I am sorry that I could not go there.
The deities of Wakamiya Sha are benefiting from the healing of infant sickness and the development of young children’s abilities until the god of Amenoosikumone no Mikoto.



The Kasuga Shrine Festival is on Sunday, October 2nd. Higashigumi and Nishigumi each have approximately 2 tons of sacred shrines and five swords, and a large festival is held to hope for disease-free health and five-grained richness.


Saiin Elementary School is adjacent to the north side of Kasuga Shrine and Kasuga Kindergarten to the south, and the cheerful voices of the children echoed in the grounds.


From Kasuga Shrine to Nishioji Shijo north-east Corner. Kozanji is located to the east of the police box at the corner.
This Jizo, there are more than 2m. It has been relegated from Sakai Higashi Kurotani Sansanroku, and there is a benefit to Moth healing.


宗派 浄土宗
開基 善西
本尊 地蔵菩薩→恵心僧都(源信。942〜1017)作と伝わり、近江堅田にあったが足利尊氏がこの地に遷された。

It is a main hall.
Explanation sect
Open basis good west
Honzon Jizou → Eshin Montsu (Genshin. 942 to 1017) was transmitted as a work, and it was in Omi Katada, but Mr. Ashikaga was transposed here.
I am collecting faith as a son-in-law Jizo.
It is transmitted to the south-east corner of the 53rd Emperor Junna’s Imperial Palace South Ikein.




Emperor Junna is the third prince of the 50th Emperor Kanmuu and his mother is Fujiwara Tabiko (759-788). The wife is the 52nd Emperor Saga (786-842), and Princess Masako Shinno (810-879). It is the relationship between the uncle of 24 years of age difference and niece.

Around 823, Iriuchi gave birth to three princes. It is believed that his son, Tsunesada (825-884 … giving birth at the age of 15?) Is concerned with the plot when the prince is abolished, due to Jyowa no Hen (842). It is told that she hated her mother-in-law, Kachiko Tachibana (786-850). After his husband’s death, he made the sumo-in temple a dojo and devoted his efforts to the rescuers.





In 1465, Muromachi Bakufu 8th Shogun Ashikaga Yoshimasa (1436-1490) and Hino Tomiko (1440-1496) also prayed here, and the 9th Shogun Ashikaga Yoshihisa (1465-1489, 25 years of age) ) Was born.

One of the causes of Onin no ran (1467 to 1477), who burned down the town of Kyoto, is a person who competed with the seat of the general for his uncle’s Ashikaga Yoshimi (1439 to 1491).

Yoshihisa became a general at the age of 9 in 1473.
In 1487, he dispatched 20,000 soldiers to defeat Omi Guardian’s Rokkaku Takayori, who is believed to have seized the territory of Kuge Temple. I will win, but I will gradually fall in love with alcohol and will die in 1489.

The cause of death is said to be a brain disease due to heavy drinking, but there is also a theory that it is for wilderness (to indulge in excessive passion).
Yoshihisa is said to have been a keen enthusiast in Waka with a beautiful appearance. In addition, it is thought that there was domestic discord such as excessive interference of mother and Tomiko, feud with father and Yoshimasa.


It is a monument of the ruins site of Junna in who lay down. It is always located in front of the main gate, but it was placed in front of the main hall because the main gate was under repair.


費用 塩飴とゆずれもんのペットボトル→210円。

■ Today’s record.
11:30 departures. Return home at 16:30.
9500 steps. Some bicycle movement.
233 kcal. 5.5 km or more.
Expenses Plastic bottle of salted yuzu lemon and salt candy → 210 yen.
After returning home, it takes less than an hour to set up. It is probably because of Yamatohime no Mikoto’s life that I have to get wet.

■西院・春日神社(Saiin Kasuga shrine)

■西院・高山寺(Saiin Kouzan-ji temple)


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